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My 2023 Hospital Holiday

On Saturday, December 23, I woke up in my Chicago hotel ready to return home after a week-long work convention. I got up early and had...

Time for the Procession

Word from October 14, 2021: I hear the Lord say "it is time for the Procession". Just like when the ocean tides go out (recedes) we have...

Vision: The Lion's ROAR

This morning, quite unexpectedly, the Lord gave me this vision: I saw the Lord, as the Lion of Judah, running at full stride, pace, and...

We Will Recover All

Over the past couple of months my family have been going through a real intense amount of warfare and attack spiritually, emotionally,...

The Master Composer

I was praying the other morning, talking to God about the times and timing of some things that were on my heart. I was asking Him about...

God's Voice and Presence

God’s Voice It has always been God’s design for all mankind to hear His voice for themselves. As we see in Genesis 3:8 “And they heard...

Provision Is A Place

In this particular time and season, my wife and I find ourselves in a very intentional season of preparing for something and we don't...

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