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New Beginnings (A Kairos Time)

August 2023

I believe many of us are in the days of NEW BEGINNINGS (a Kairos time, meaning a significant “moment in time”). This is not a starting over, rather an advancement and graduation from what we have known over the past few years. However, for every new beginning there is a transition required. Like a baby must first leave the womb to begin its journey in life or a bird must get pushed out of the nest to learn how to fly. The same is true for those of us called to step into this new life and new season of fresh adventures in the Lord. In this moment we stand at an open door of opportunity with many unknown possibilities that await on the other side.

I hear the Lord saying that this new beginning, this kairos moment, is here and we are about to be thrust into a new life in Him. I see two different ways this is happening for us:

  1. For those already surrendered and postured for a significant change I believe we will see acceleration on every aspect of our lives that is propelling us forward into this new birth, new season, and new level of walking and functioning both in the spirit AND in the natural. The transition will be swift and in a short time period we will look back and see how far we have come and will suddenly be surrounded by new opportunities, new experiences, new relationships, and in some cases, even new communities. It will feel so natural and in stride that it will hardly feel like anything has changed and yet everything will be brand new. We will be walking in such breakthrough that those around us will start experiencing the fruit of the power of God on our lives in a completely new way. It will be like walking through the door of a brand new home that feels like we have lived there our whole lives. It is because we have been prepared for it and are ready to take our place in the NEW.

  2. For others this transition will feel like a series of closed doors or sudden unexpected changes of circumstances that are forcing us to make BIG life decisions. Like a sudden change in the winds at sea and, in what seems like an instance, we have to shift from being carried by the current to having to take hold of the reigns of the sails and steer with intention in order to make it to our destination. This will be a time of great intentionality and require wisdom and direction from the Lord. He will guide us and lead us every step of the way, but what we used to get with intuition now will require focused attention by seeking the word of the Lord and following His every instruction. He will be the one guiding our every move and when it seems the most like we are walking this process out blindly, we will choose to trust Him with our lives knowing that He is bringing us into a NEW life of great purpose and effectiveness.

Many have come to these crossroads of transition before and have shipwrecked because they didn’t recognize the change of times ("for a lack of vision my people perish" - Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 29:18). This is a time to get low and seek the heart of the Father for wisdom, discernment, and direction. This time we are in requires us to have great faith in His faithfulness, and is challenging us to stand in courage to obey His every word. Do not trust the circumstances, although He will use them to push us out of our current situation and into the new. It is so important for those of us being called into this new beginning to recognize that the Lord is in the storm, He has changed the winds, and He has stirred up the waters in our lives in order to move us from our current course and our familiar places in life into all that is waiting for us on the other side.

These are the days of our wildest dreams coming true. Great adventure, crazy encounters with the Lord, and divine breakthroughs that will dismantle every hinderance to the fullness of life in Christ that we have ever known. This is the beginning of God’s glory being revealed on the earth by the children of obedience in a whole new way. Those of us who choose surrender over stubbornness and childlike faith in Jesus above the desire to know “who, what, where, and how” before stepping through the great doors of the unknown, will experience the greatest transformation of our lives. This is our time to say YES to the invitation of the Lord and watch Him make all things NEW. He is faithful, He is good, He is God and there is no one like Him. He is Holy and He is worthy of our EVERYTHING.


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