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The Master Composer

I was praying the other morning, talking to God about the times and timing of some things that were on my heart. I was asking Him about "when" some of His promises would come and manifest themselves in my life and in my family's lives. His response to me was to give me a beautiful picture and image of His nature as "The Master Composer". Here is what He showed me:

I saw a large piece of sheet music. On the page was a long melody with very simple instrumentation. It seemed to remain the same measure after measure without much change. As I looked further down the page I could see that there was a slight build up and some additional instrumentation added to bring a slight variance to what had been a steady repetition of the melody that had gone on for most of the entire first page. Then I looked over to the next page and saw the music continue to build but ever so slightly without any big transitions throughout the second page. As I looked through the music I could hear it in my head. Although the music was simple it was a beautiful melody and I could hear great anticipation laced in every note. By the time I had reached the end of the second page I felt anxious wanting to hear what it as building towards. I longed for the crescendo, but there was no sign of it on the page. At that moment the thought occurred to me to put the music down and walk away, afraid that this was all a tease and I would be somehow disappointed by how the song ends. That there was not going to be a grand climax to the song and I would have wasted my time waiting for something that would never come.

As soon as that thought came I shook it off and turned the page. Once I turned the page there it was, the most amazing crescendo! It was there all along and so much more brilliant and spectacular than I could have ever imagined. All of a sudden and in an instance all of the music leading up to that point made perfect sense. This climax would not have had the same impact without all of the notes and measures that led up to this point. Even more incredible was that the pinnacle of this piece didn't end as quick as it came, but it lingered and moved and shifted across the next few pages making a magnificent musical experience.

Then I heard the Lord say, you must trust me, I am the Master Composer!

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