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Remembering My Source of Strength

How many times do I get caught up in the "storms" that this life often sends my way? Honestly? More times than I would like to admit. So I ask myself, why? Why do I choose to allow the circumstances of life to toss me up, down, and all around due to fear, anxiety, dread, and even hopelessness? Why do I forget who I am, or better yet, who I know, and am known by? If I truly believe that "God is my refuge and strength, a very PRESENT HELP in trouble" (Psalms 46:1) then why all of the fuss? I mean, it is right here for me to see "...we will not fear...though..." (insert any trouble, care, concern, issue, and tribulation here). Now, I have never seen the earth removed, or mountains carried into the middle of the ocean, but 2020 is not over yet :) and if I ever do, I have a written promise that I do not have to fear. Through it all, my God is with me, and will keep me safe, and be my strength when I am weak.

Again I ask myself, why do I get caught up in the midst of chaos and trying circumstances? Well I think it is quite simple, whatever I fix my eyes and attention on has direct access to my emotions. So if I am fixated on the problem my emotions will tend to respond with anxiety, fear, and if I stay there to long can even lead to hopelessness. On the contrary, if I set my gaze on the source of the solution (the God who is my refuge, strength, and help) the inevitable outcome is my hope, joy, peace, and comfort. Even more, from this place of peace and rest I have access to His power to say to the storm "peace, be still". Why?Because when His peace and rest reside within me NOTHING can shake or move me. The power of His presence calms every storm within.

The solution: Always remember the source of my strength in every situation life throws at me. From that place I will say to whatever life throws my way "peace, be still"!

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