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A Calling to the Tabernacle of David

The Lord has given me a vision and a calling to help facilitate the establishing of a GLOBAL Tabernacle of David. Right now, across the world there is a sound going out from heaven for those whom the Lord has called as Davidic worshipers, prophets, intercessors, and scribes to be a part of the global Body of Christ that He is forming with the purpose of joining the nations under one calling: Worship and Adoration. This Tabernacle of David will be a place of worship for ALL NATIONS and its sole purpose is to bring together those with this calling to gather around the throne lifting up continual songs of adoration and worship to King Jesus and release His songs AND strategies across the Earth.

In order to engage in this calling of the Lord I am seeking to connect a small group of believers who also feel this calling on their lives towards this specific ministry. Together we can begin to lay the groundwork for what is to be an end time model for the global church. I am looking for those called as leaders in the following giftings to join with me and seek the Lord for the strategies to begin to build the framework for this international worship ministry. I am looking for those whom the Lord has called in one or more of the following giftings:

1. Davidic Worshipper Leaders - those called to worship for an audience of one. A worshipper trained in hearing from heaven and singing songs in response to the song of the Bridegroom King. This calling may also include the ability to train up and teach others in this calling to help mature others with similar giftings and callings.

2. Prophetic Leaders - those who are called to be a voice to the global Body of Christ with a heart for worship. This is specifically a gifting to hear from heaven in worship and lead others in formulating the heavenly strategies received and releasing them into the Earth.

3. Intercessory Leaders - those who are called to work with worshippers and the prophetic to leads teams in praying and decreeing the strategies and purposes of heaven as they are received during throne room worship.

4. Scribes (like the sons of Asaph) - those with the gifting and calling to document all that is heard in song, prophecy, and in intercession to be remembered and sent out to the Body of Christ throughout the world as needed.

I know that in these days the Lord has purposed for His people from ALL NATIONS to gather with one accord around His throne to be ravished by His heart and mobilized by His voice. The two components are essential. As we live a life of worship and adoration, He is revealing His strategies and purposes to us that in response must be released into the Earth for the mobilization of the Saints with Divine orders. That is why all 4 giftings are essential to carry out this mission. The Davidic Worshippers, through singing and playing their instruments, bring the songs of Earth to Heaven and then Heaven to Earth. The prophets hear the strategies and Decrees from Heaven and formulate them into actionable Heavenly intel. The Intercessors release the word of the Lord for the global Body of Christ and decree them from Heaven to Earth as they are led. The scribes are the ones who have the essential role of gathering all that is being received from Heaven and documenting it all in a way that can be read and understood by those whom the Lord may want it to be shared.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to learn more OR you are interested in being a part of a team that will be working together to lay the groundwork for this Global Tabernacle of David to be established, please respond to this call. This is the Clarion Call to those burning with the desire for the return of the Davidic worshipers into the forefront and for the Tabernacle of David to be established on the Earth and the Global Body of Christ to emerge in these days and times. For those who hear the call, let me know and I will organize a zoom meeting for us all to meet and share further what is on my heart and hear what the Lord has put on your heart. From there we will hear what the next steps are towards engaging in this mission that God has put on our hearts for such a time as this. I look forward with great anticipation for what the Lord is going to do in and through us.


David Gereghty

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